Pricing and Minimums


Custom cookies start at $42 a dozen for regular sized cookies (about 3 to 4 inch cookies) and $30 a dozen for mini cookies( 1-1.5 inch cookies). Generally that’s 3 designs and 3 to 4 colors. Additional colors, designs, and details will increase price. Characters and logos will be $5-$6 due to the intricate detail.

If you’re a business and are interested in ordering cookies, please contact me via the “Contact Me” tab or email me at

When filling out the custom order request form please be specific so I can give you an accurate quote. If you have seen a particular set that has peaked your interest, whether it be a set of mine (found in my gallery) or someone else’s, you may provide a link to the photo(s) on the order form. This gives me a better idea of what you want your cookies to look like.

I do not issue refunds. All sales are final, however if for any reason you are unhappy with your cookies please contact me via email or phone.


My custom regular sized cookies have a 1 dozen minimum (all the same theme) and my mini cookies have a two dozen minimum order (all the same theme). Please check my availability then fill out an order request form to get specific pricing for what you’d like. Due to limited availability, a two week notice is required. In the event that I am able to take a last minute order (less than two weeks before pick up date) there will be a 25% rush fee for the order.

If you are a business looking for cookies for your next event, please email me at


Due to Florida’s Cottage Food Laws, I am unable to ship my products. However, I will prepare the packaging for shipping the cookies where all you have to do is place the shipping label on the package. Thus far, all of the cookies my clients have chosen to ship have arrived just as I packed them with no damage but keep in mind, I will not be responsible for any damage the cookies may sustain if you choose to ship them.

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